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Organic Milk Beauty Regimens

Organic Milk Beauty Regimens

Image source: flickr.com/photos/fieldsofview

Long before beauty was bottled and sold in a jar, people resorted to botanical resources and what was available to naturally beautify the skin and hair.

Since ancient times, many have used milk as an additive in treatments for bathing and skincare.

Milk contains lactic acid which is a natural alpha hydroxy acid that can be an effective exfoliate. It also has fat content from the cream that is soothing for dry skin. It is gentle enough that it will not irritate skin, and is often suggested for sensitive skin conditions.

Certified organic milks are recommended for topical use. Also, use fresh milk for each treatment in order to avoid dangerous bacterial growth.

If you want to stay away from sources of animal’s milk, coconut milk, while it is not actually milk, can be substituted in recipes. It is extra nourishing and contains ingredients that are naturally moisturizing to the hair and skin. Coconut milk too hard to find? Crunchy Betty has a great, easy to follow recipe for making your own coconut milk.

Organic Milk Beauty Regimens

Image source: crunchybetty.com

Classic recipes for milk baths normally involve powdered milk and honey. Try adding in a few drops of pure citrus, mint or lavender essential oils for aromatic benefits. Milk and honey can also be mixed with hydrating essential oils, like almond oil, and pure fruit juice or pulp. This can be used as cleanser or left on longer as a mask.

Organic Milk Beauty Regimens

Image source: 123rf.com/profile_bakelyt

To revive dull hair, try a remedy of milk, mashed avocado and banana and leave on for around 20 minutes, then rinse well. For an invigorating scalp treatment also mix in fresh, crushed rosemary or peppermint, or use a few drops of the essential oils.

Milk can also be combined with essential oils such as almond oil and used as a makeup remover, or it can be used alone as a mild skin cleanser.

These kitchen cupboard beauty tips provide other simple, milk based homemade beauty treatments.

Using what is on hand in the kitchen can offer the most naturally effective hair and skincare routines.

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