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Homemade Facial Cleansers

Many facial cleansers contain unnecessary or even irritating additives.

Making naturally based cleansers at home is simple and often only requires a few ingredients.

Below are some organic recipes for homemade facial cleansers that can be modified to meet specific skin care needs.

Natural Beauty Community has many recipes for natural cleansers applicable for various skin types and facial issues. A suitable one for many is lavender facial cleanser which uses an oil method for gentle cleaning and only involves 4 ingredients. Lavender, grape seed, geranium and rose essential oils are all blended, then can be massaged onto the skin to loosen dirt and makeup and rinsed or wiped with a cloth.

Making Nice in the Midwest has many suggestions for all natural skin care, including one for a home-produced eye makeup remover. Using organic carrier oils, like vitamin E and olive oil, mixed with a bit of purified water is enough to remove most eye makeup. For tougher cosmetics, some alcohol free witch hazel can be added, but take care not to get remover inside the eye.

For an exfolitating cleanser that is recommened for normal to dry skin, try mixing a few drops of a moisturzing base like organic coconut oil or pure honey with a gentle scrubbing agent, like brown sugar. This will gently remove surface impurities without being overly abrasive, as the sugar granules break down when rubbed into the skin. For oily skin, use a healing substance like tea tree or herbal based oils like oregeno mixed with honey and crushed, colloidal oats to calm skin.

Clinical research studies have shown that the skin can absorb up to 60% of topical applications.

During the course of the day, women can use on average around 12 skin care products, and each of these  can contain approximately 10 varying chemical compounds, including toxic, synthetic chemicals. Some of the substances in products sold to make the skin healthier may also contain known carcinogenic agents.

Other chemicals may be unregulated, therefore some of their side effects may be unknown. One report shows that out of around 10,500 chemicals that are known to be used in skin and body care items, an unrepresentative 11% is all that has been safety tested (greenyour.com).

Homemade facial cleansers can be even more soothing as part of a skin care routine when you are comfortable with the ingredient list.

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