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Glowing Winter Skin

Glowing winter skin

Image source: www.forbes.com

In colder months skin can sometimes lose its luster, becoming a dry, scaly disaster. This can be due to elevated thermostats and dry indoor air that drains moisture levels.

Eating habits and genetics can also play a role in the appearance of the skin’s surface. Environmental toxins can contribute to bad skin, and chemicals in products can aggravate dry conditions.

Luckily, there are ways to naturally treat the skin without a laundry list of questionable ingredients.

Using an indoor humidifier during the winter helps to put moisture back in the air. They must be cleaned frequently to prevent bacterial growth, and cool mist varieties are favorable if children are present.

Staying hydrated helps keep skin’s moisture balance in check, as does minimizing drinking caffeinated beverages. Eating foods rich in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables can also improve the look of skin over time. Well-balanced diets can help with health and heredity factors that may add to imbalanced or dry skin conditions.

Using organic products to slather onto dry skin can relieve it, but you don’t always have to reach for an expensive over the counter treatment. Many kitchen items can be used topically to counteract dry skin. Make sure any food products that are used are organically processed, or they could be treated with excess chemicals that you don’t want to place on skin. Natural oils like olive, sesame, coconut and vitamin E are good remedies for dry skin. These are especially beneficial for extremely rough patches as well as hands and feet, and absorbs well without being over greasy.

Homemade mixtures made with mild yet effective items that can be used on both the body and the face can work wonders, and ingredients can be personalized to treat specific skin issues. For example, an exfoliating scrub can be made by mixing organic brown sugar crystals and a few drops of oil. This mixture will gently scrub skin as the crystals in the sugar break down and remove dead cells without being too harsh. Also, honey and yogurt have been long known for their rich benefits and skin healthy properties. These can be applied as a mask over cleansed skin as needed for a moisture boost. Herbs can also be infused to bring out their medicinal properties and misted onto skin.

For some at home inspiration, try Yumi Sakugawa’s easy home remedies for treating dry skin in the winter and do it yourself treatments for relieving chapped lips with ecologically based ingredients. Giving skin what it needs naturally is always the best beauty treatment.


Image source: www.coolhealthtips.com

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