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A Bug-Free Home

Although some bugs can be helpful – and harmless left to their own devices – you still don’t want them running amuck in your home.

Certain bugs, such as spiders, whose venom can act as pesticide alternative, are beneficial to humans. However, other bugs like ticks and mosquitoes, cause diseases. Some bugs may be difficult to spot. This is why it’s best to keep bugs from entering your house altogether. To prevent ants from entering your house, sprinkle some cinnamon in a line along your doorway. You can be more generous in the amount of cinnamon you use.  You may want to make the line on the outside of your doorway to avoid a mess in your house.

If you suspect any bugs inside your house, use spices to repel them. Fill saucer sized bowls with an assortment of spices. Using whole cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks. Place the spice filled saucers around your kitchen or any other area where bug control is a problem. These can be placed decoratively on a coffee table or tucked away on a shelf. You may even keep sachets filled with whole spices under your pillows or in sock drawers. In addition to their bug repellent properties, the spices add a nice aroma to the house (for humans, anyway).

Bed bugs have become more of a concern with the increase of population. Bed bugs are nocturnal, which can make their detection tricky. To catch these sneaky devils, place a bowl of soapy water at your bedside, out of any traffic areas. Let the bowl sit overnight. When you wake, check the bowl to see if you have bed bugs.

And always try to keep your house clean, free of dust, dirt, and mildew. This makes bug detection easier and prevents the attraction of more.

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