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Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Not a fan of high-fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients?

Then you probably know it can sometimes be a challenge to find frozen treats that aren’t full of them.

For homemade popsicles with ultimate ingredient control, indulge your need for gourmet frozen novelties with these unique and nutritious spins on an old favorite.

Let antioxidant packed fresh summer fruits have some fun. Making homemade popsicles can be as simple as pureeing some fresh finds and freezing them, like this watermelon and whole fruit pop.

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Image source: nourishingmeals.com/2012/07/watermelon-whole-fruit-popsicles.html

Martha Stewart has several good for you versions of popsicle recipes. Simple yet delicious, the fruit salad ice pop can be filled with favorites.

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Image source: marthastewart.com/357265/fruit-salad-ice-pops?czone=holiday/sixty-days-of-summer/recipes-ideas

The blueberry and firecracker ice pops combine yogurt and fruit.

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Image source: marthastewart.com/316338/frozen-blueberry-pops

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Image source: marthastewart.com/318346/firecracker-ice-pops

For the grown up palate, or to fool the kid’s tastebuds by sneaking in health packed ingredients, try the honeydew and pistachio creamsicles or the avocado fudgesicles.

The Thai iced coffee and the hibiscus pomegranate are good for coffee and tea lovers.

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Image source: oprah.com/food/How-to-Make-Fresh-Fruit-Ice-Pops-Healthy-Summer-Snacks/2

For more mouthwatering and surprisingly health packed ingredient suggestions, check out Damy Health’s 21 cold and sweet recipes. The goddess greens fudge popsicles with spinach– yes spinach – sounds so strange they are begging to be tried.

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Image source: damyhealth.com/2012/05/goddess-greens-chocolate-fudgsicles

The Vegan banana split is presented 2 different ways.

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Image source: damyhealth.com/2012/06/banana-split-on-a-stick-vegan

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Any popsicle recipe can be tailored to suit a healthy craving. For instance, substitute sugar with pure fruit juice, purees or organic sweeteners.

Don’t have popsicle molds? Don’t worry. Use things you already have on hand like yogurt cups or other freezable containers, for instance glasses or baking tins.

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Image source: lifehacker.com/5624823/repurpose-baking-tins-as-popsicle-molds

Also, spoons can be used in place of sticks.

To get the popsicle handles to stay put until they are frozen solid, place aluminum foil over the top after filling and poke in the stick. Or put just a little of the mixture into the containers, enough to hold a tip of a stick or spoon and freeze it. After frozen, gently insert the handle, pour in the remaining mixture and freeze until set.

To remove the  popsicles, just run the underside of the container under warm water for a few seconds, being sure not to melt your treat. They should come out easily.

Popsicles are also perfect for parties if you have the freezer space to store them. Make a few batches ahead of time, wrap them up in waxed paper and write the flavor on the outside or affix a label.

Line up tasters – let the healthy popsicle recipe experimentation begin.

Need to rebel a little? This one sure isn’t healthy but it is looks and tastes cool.

Go Ahead, Get Your (Healthier) Popsicle On

Image source: diy-queen.com/2013/02/gummy-bear-popsicles

Does substituting the soda with %100 fruit juice counteract the sugar splurge from the Gummy Bears?

Not likely.

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