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Eat It, Skin And All

Fruit Smoothies

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Eating fruit and vegetables is universally acknowledged as an important part of a healthy diet. However there are a few ways in which you can maximise the goodness you get from them.

The skin of most fruits and vegetables contains a lot of vital nutrients, including the fiber.

A typical red apple contains at least 2 grams of fiber and 6 grams of calcium if eaten whole. If, however you peeled your apple first, your intake would be 1.8 grams of fiber and the calcium level is cut in half.

This may seem like a minor variance but remember that a little bit of fiber goes a long way. We only need about 20 grams a day, but those 20 grams are essential and can be tricky to find in most foods.

Potatoes also have a coat of fiber. To take advantage of this, try not to toss the remaining skins of a baked potato. If you are prone to peeling potatoes when you mash them, try using potatoes with skins better fit for mashing, like baby red or new potatoes, peeling off only the unusable sections.

Enjoy a glass of fruit juice in moderation with the knowledge that it is simply a tasty, sugary drink. But if you juice fruits and vegetables with the intent of getting all the nutrients in a more convenient form, then you are mistaken. We know juice has a high sugar content, which makes it about as healthy as soda, but it’s what juice lacks that may be the real problem. When you eat a piece of fruit, you are getting fiber along with the sugar.

If you juice a fruit, however, you are still getting the sugar but you are leaving the fiber behind. When you consume something sweet, the body instinctively thinks it is accompanied by fiber and releases insulin to break it down. When excess insulin is set loose in stomach, your blood sugar bottoms out. This makes you feel fatigued and causes you to want more sugar. And so the process goes on.

If you still like your produce to be drinkable, try a smoothie instead. It is more decadent and filling. Unlike juice, smoothies retain the fiber from fruits and vegetables. Plus they are easy to make. Just put them in the blender and pulse, perhaps adding some almond milk to keep the thickness level down.

Source: Calorifica

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