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Potato Powerhouse

Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred fuel source, but potatoes are much more than just an energy booster.

Potassium supports optimal muscle performance and potatoes are actually higher in potassium than bananas, the fruit often lauded as a top potassium source.

Potatoes also contain iron and B and C vitamins, and their skins are a great source of fiber (you can increase your fiber intake by eating a larger number of smaller potatoes rather than one or two big ones because you’ll consume more fiber-rich skin this way).

Potatoes have gotten a bad rap as a fattening food, but the reason potato-based meals and snacks tend to be fattening is that they’re typically deep fried or drenched in fatty toppings such as cheese, butter, or sour cream.

A full-sized potato on its own provides around 110 calories and no fat whatsoever.

You can enjoy the energy boost potatoes provide while keeping their calorie count low by opting for lighter toppings and seasonings, such as; herbs and spices on their own or mixed with low-fat yogurt; chopped raw green onions or sautéed onions and garlic; flavored baked beans; salsa; warm hummus; olive oil and rosemary; ketchup; hot sauce; horseradish; lemon juice; ground or shredded lean meats in low-fat or fat-free sauces

Potatoes are grown nearly everywhere and they thrive in cold weather, which means that it’s usually possible to get them locally even during the cold months. Buying locally grown potatoes is far better for the environment that than buying produce that’s been shipped in from other places.

Potatoes come in several colors: brown, white, red, and blue (a bluish-purple color). Color in fruits and vegetables signals the presence of health-promoting antioxidants, so eating more colorful potatoes is likely to provide greater health benefits.

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