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Grow And Eat Swiss Chard For Good Health

Boiling it can decrease its to help reduce its oxalic acid levels. This helps reduce acids but also releases the sweetness of the chard.

Image source: bonnieplants.com

Swiss chard is a nutrient rich vegetable, containing high levels of essential minerals and vitamins like K, A and C and is a great source of phytonutrients. It has been specified as being one of the most healthful vegetables, coming in second to spinach.

This leafy produce may get overlooked amidst other greens, but giving it a try will brighten up foods and give your diet a nutritional boost.

The leaves, which have a sweeter flavor, are great for adding vibrant color to salads, pastas and other dishes. The stems can also be eaten and contain glutamine. This can aid the balance of the intestinal system and the production of glutathione, a nutrient with antioxidant properties.

Chard can be stored in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks. Boiling it can help to reduce its naturally occurring oxalic acid levels. This helps to decrease the acids but also releases the sweetness of the chard.

Though it can sometimes be found at the grocery store or farmer’s market, it can be grown in a kitchen container or outdoor garden without a lot of maintenance. It is a long harvesting plant that can endure both cool and warmer temperatures.

Mother Earth News offers an informative guide for growing and storing Swiss chard. Also, check out this video from Bonnie Plants for a planting summary:

Whether purchased or homegrown, try out these recipes that highlight Swiss chard:

Sauteed Swiss chard with parmesan cheese is an easy to make dish. Also relatively simple but savory is stir fried Swiss chard with pine nuts and balsamic butter.

For a twist on classic artichoke dip, try this recipe that adds in Swiss chard.

Swiss chard and artichoke white pizza gives pizza a grownup spin, and fennel, chard and goat cheese pie would please a sophisticated palate.

Grow And Eat Swiss Chard For Good Health

Image source: gardentherapy.ca

For tons more Swiss chard recipes, check out Martha Stewart’s compilation that includes soups, pastas, quiches, tzatziki dip and more.

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