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Best Eco-Living Books

Finding advice on just about any topic imaginable really isn’t all that hard through the power of Google. However, discovering well-thought and intelligently written information is kind of hard these days.

The following is a list of helpful and constructive books on living “off the grid” and creating a utopia of eco-conservation. From growing your own food, to living in the big city, these guidebooks are for everyone.

Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways To Save The Earth And Get Rich Trying – This instructive novel by authors David Bach and Hillary Rosner delivers on its promise to educate the reader on easy tips to maintain an eco-conscious lifestyle while becoming financially prosperous. If you do the math, saving money each year by cutting back goes a long way towards keeping your wallet full.

The Green Book: The Everyday Guide To Saving The Planet One Simple Step At A Time – From authors Elizabeth Rogers, Thomas Kostigen, and Cameron Diaz comes a guidebook rich with small paragraphs and stories for the conservative mind. Some of the tips they offer may seem cheesy or idealistic, but the book really is full of great advice.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year Of Food Life – While different from the other eco-living books in that it storylines Barbara and Camille Kingsolver’s year of growing and creating their own food off the grid. This will help you rethink everything you thought you knew about food production, along with learning how to save money and limit carbon emissions by doing things yourself.

The Urban Homestead: Your Guide To Self-Sufficient Living In The Heart Of The City – For eco-conscious readers who find themselves residents of large, pollution-ridden cities, this book was written directly for you. The Urban Homestead is a wonderful guide on how to become self-sufficient in a seemingly hopeless place for such a thing.


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