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Summer Jobs for Teens

Whether you wish to gain experience before college, start a savings pool, or just want a productive way to whittle away vacation time, “green” jobs are a great way for teens to make a positive impact during their time off from scholastic duties.

Work Locally

Instead of applying to the nearest Starbucks, seek out positions at local cafes and bakeries instead, especially those who practice strong environmental stewardship.

These could include coffee shops who only sell fair trade products or mom-and-pop restaurants who support local agriculture by using local and organic ingredients in their dishes. You could also apply for work in thrift stores or used music shops, rather than chain and warehouse stores.

By working within the local circuit you play a crucial part in keeping your community strong.

Work Outdoors

What better way to take advantage of the summer weather than outside with fellow organisms? Most parks have positions to help keep the flora in top shape. So, you’ll likely get to water plants, pull weeds, and keep the litter to a minimum – all whilst being imbued by the breath of flowers following their peak.


In addition to the above suggestions, you could throw your time and passion into volunteer work instead.

While you don’t get paid, you’ll be making a difference in your community and will earn resume worthy experiences in the meantime. Animal shelters are often in need of volunteers, especially of the young and energetic variety.

Some tasks commonly performed may include cleaning out kennels and assisting in grooming. However, you’ll also be able to socialize with the animals so that they are prepared for interactions with their future adoptive family – and you get to take the dogs on walks. Hospitals welcome volunteers as well, with tasks as far ranging as clerical work and keeping supplies stocked, to bringing patients their food trays and work as a cashier in the gift shop.

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