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Go Green with Halloween

Halloween is officially here with the ghoulish décor, sinister cider, and pumpkins galore. Have you picked your costume yet? Did you know that consumers spent over $2.5 billion on costumes last year? How do we keep Halloween green, save a few bucks, and create a pretty wicked Halloween costume. Here is a few ideas to get your haunt on.

So let’s green that Halloween garb with a few spooky costumes. Here are a few of our favorite do-it-yourself costumes.

Crash Test Dummy: Just a tad of lipstick and some black eyeliner and you can be everyone’s favorite crash test dummy.

Edgar Allan Poe: Be a classic with a simple black coat with a few of our favorite Gothic author’s quotes pinned to the jacket. For a deeper look use a paint pen to write the quotes directly on the clothing.

Mummy: A Halloween classic! Use an old sheet to and cut into strips. Wrap yourself or let someone else have the fun! This is also easy to wash and easy to reuse as it shreds it gets spookier every year.

Raven or Peacock: Just add a few feathers to any dress or skirt along with a headband and you will be the cutest flying creature at the party.

Winged Creatures: Use old wired coat hangers along with some panty hose and color with markers or duct tape in strips to make the wings colorful. At least duct tape will last year to year.

The Photographer: Grab a camera and start snapping picture. Add a scarf and you will be the artist of the event along with capturing every memory.

Burrito: A little foil and some paper, recycle when finished, make an awesome costume. Add a few fake roaches to creep people out!

Whether you’re a stark raving mad poet or the creepiest roach coach burrito there is definitely a way to go green with your costume this Halloween!


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