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Google Wants You To Live Forever

Last fall, Google announced that they were creating a new startup company that would tackle the issue of human longevity — namely, stopping the brain from decaying as we age.

It was partly based off the science suggested by Dr. Cynthia Kenyon in her Ted Talk about aging, which can be viewed below:

Google’s startup, if successful, wouldn’t give us the god-like ability to never age, but it would be a giant leap in that direction. If we could bring the median age from 70-80yrs old up to 100-120yrs, wouldn’t you want those extra 40-50yrs of life to enjoy? I certainly would, and Google thinks you would as well.

Recently, a tiny animal called Hydra magnipapillata was discovered to live for approximately 1,400 years. It does so by continually renewing its cells, something the human body is not able to do, at least not to the extent that the Hydra can. Google and other companies with vested interests in stopping aging are trying to replicate the Hydra‘s ability to regenerate cells.

It’s a longshot at best, but Google’s venture into the anti-aging field is extremely promising. Check back for future updates as Google works to bring us ever closer to immortality.

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