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Gentle Voice, Powerful Words-The Message of Malala

As you listen in on the moans and groans that periodically creep up when getting children ready for the school week and its at times hectic schedules, homework and practices, it can get stressful.

And then you hear about Malala Yousafzai.

Gentle Voice, Powerful Words-The Message of Malala

Image source: en.wikipedia.org

Her story and what happened to the then 15 year old on the way to school on October 9th, 2012 is hard to hear. Her unwavering commitment to make a stand for those who are deprived of their basic rights to be educated is, for lack of a bigger, better word – commendable.

Standing up for girls everywhere who are not allowed to go to school or to be openly educated, the Malala Fund is now an active, growing testament to this issue.

There are actually millions of girls across the globe who are not allowed to receive an education. This enormous number is hard to grasp, and holding back a child’s mental capacity and ability to learn, develop, and progress as they would like is even harder to understand.

Such large populations of girls who must remain uneducated against their wishes has a larger communal and societal effect, also. The organization is intervening to raise awareness, but also to provide proactive, real world solutions to this educational crisis.

Reading or learning about Malala’s efforts has been banned in some areas, and though she has already faced the unimaginable she remains relentless in the face of danger. Listening to her speak, her wisdom and altruistic minded spirit has a contagious efficacy, and though her voice is gentle and quiet, it resonates loudly.

Malala could not be silenced, much to the dismay of those who tried to stop her with their abhorrent cowardice, and as her message continues to spread it is clear that it will not be stopped, either.

This young woman’s composure and ambition for humanitarian service is rare, no matter what the age bracket. As girls all over the world learn about her story they will certainly want to say many things, but one phrase would probably be thank you, Malala, for being so brave.

For more information, watch Christiane Amanpour’s interview with Malala.

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