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Gasland: Can You Light Your Water On Fire?

Documentary films are (usually) really neat and informative to watch. Depending on the subject, one can learn a considerable amount of info that they otherwise would have been oblivious to. For instance, one of my favorite documentary programs is Bloomberg Game Changers, which follows a series of inventors, businessmen, and individuals doing their part to change the world.

More on the topic of the environment, though, is a film called ‘Gasland‘. Created by documentary filmmaker Josh Fox, the 2011 film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. The film takes the viewer into the communities and cities impacted by natural gas drilling and slickwater fracking.


Image source: www.peacecouncil.com

Fox visits homes and farms of individuals who’ve been affected by the drilling, and who’ve been offered money by various gas companies for their land. Perhaps the most viral moment of the film comes when a homeowner turns on his sink faucet, takes a small lighter, and sets the water on fire. You can view that clip below.

This example is just one of many accounts by homeowners who’ve complained that natural gas drilling is affecting their homes and health. Not only does the documentary film take the viewer on a trip through several American communities impacted by fracking, but it also explains how inefficient the process of natural gas drilling is to the environment.


Image source: www.npr.org

Certain elements of natural is, in fact, “clean” when compared to burning coal or other energy burning. However, methane burning is 105% dirtier than coal.

Josh Fox, the creator of Gasland, is coming out with a sequel, titled ‘Gasland Part II’. This film, like his first documentary, will visit communities and areas affected most by natural gas drilling and slickwater fracking, as well as how this process damages the environment.

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