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How To Hold A Green Tag Sale

When what has been accumulated over the years is no longer needed, consider having a tag sale.

Cleaning up living and work spaces lends to less clutter and more organization, and offering still usable items at inexpensive prices is a great way to reuse.

Yard sales are popular when the weather begins to warm up and though they can initially be some work to set up, they are helpful for getting rid of stuff and passing it on for use elsewhere. Attention to a few details can help in hosting a green tag sale.

Instead of commercial paper advertisements which may cost a fee, many online sites like GarageSaleHunter and WeekendTreasure allow free postings and advertising for tag sales.

As for marketing your sale, make sure to check any local covenants, if applicable. Be sure it is alright to put out signs or other indicators for your sale. Using recycled papers for yard sale signage and marking signs and tags for merchandise will use up resources on hand and will save some money.

If reusing plastic bags for customers to cart away goods, place clearly marked recycling receptacles nearby and in parking areas in case they want to discard them. This also offers a reminder to recycle them when finished transporting their stuff. Also, using things like balloons or other décor to draw attention to signs can help draw in potential shoppers, but don’t forget to pick up leftover objects.

At the sale make sure merchandise is organized and well presented for the best chance of it being seen and taken by customers. Often individuals who patrol yard or garage sales have many stops planned along a route and don’t have time to look through messy arrangements.  Assemble like items together and be sure they are easily accessible with enough space for browsing. This will encourage shoppers but also entice passers-by if they notice a well-kempt sale with interesting displays.

When the sale is over there is often more work to be done as remaining things will need to find a new home. Donating items that are still in good condition helps them not creep back into your space, but helps out the community as well. Find shelters or connect with schools to see where the need is for things like clothing, shoes, electronics and books.

Also, having a swap may be a fun twist on a traditional rummage sale. See if other members in the area are interested and enlist neighborhood children in the helping process. This is a neat way to teach kids about recycling and reusing, and is a useful activity they will likely enjoy.

PlanetPals has some additional tips for getting rid of the leftover items from your sale like recycling, donating and trading, including a take-me-I’m free sign to set out with freebies.

Tag sales are a fun way to spread around the idea of reusing. As you will probably discover with the newly found funds from redistributing your unwanted things, small things really do make a difference.

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