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Solar Showcases Its Fun Side With 3 Neat Toys

The field of solar gear has manufactured some clever products.

Toy merchandise that has dipped both its feet in the solar pond has created some entertaining items. Below are a few interesting models that show what can happen when solar turns up the amusement meter.

Though there are many remote control and toy cars that are powered by the sun, this solar powered racing car requires construction and attaching the solar panel before you can juice it up. The build it yourself car features an adjustable panel and a battery backup. It is fairly powerful, and can race along and even make it up 30 degree inclines.

Solar Showcases Its Fun Side With 3 Neat Toys

Image source: gadgetsandgear.com/solar-powered-toy-cars.html

For another mode of transportation, this ship sails by way of the sun.

The Valiant Viking Ship can actually cruise through water as solar power operates its rowers. This item also requires a bit of assembly, with 33 plastic parts to put together along with the included visual instructions. It also has a boat quay for when the adventures need to be docked for the day.

Solar Showcases Its Fun Side With 3 Neat Toys

Image source: robotoys.com/st_prod.html?p_prodid=2118&p_catid=3

This toy wasn’t just designed for play.

The Mova rotating solar globe was actually invented with the help of physics, and it is one educational device you will want to steal from the kids. It puts solar power on constant display but also incorporates the earth’s natural magnetic pull, and all without electricity or batteries.

Photoreceptors collect both natural and artificial light and routes it to internal storage. When combined with the earth’s magnetism, the interactions cause the globe to revolve. Further, the globe is wondrously held in a liquescent shell, completely suspended in the casing. This facilitates the spinning motion that replicates that of the real thing. It reportedly stays in correct position housed in its included stand but will amazingly also rotate itself on other non-magnetic surfaces.

In addition to a great magic trick prop, the orbs also correctly display water bodies, continents, countries and some cities. There are also other visually accurate globes.

Watch one spin:

These are a few examples of solar designs that come with the fun built in.

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