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Fun and Free Early Literacy Activities

Fun and Free Early Literacy Activities

Image source: pixabay.com/en/users/alexramos10

Reading is a powerful skill, and though we largely possess the innate capability to learn it, the majority of us have to be instructed on how to do it. Without guidance and learning basic principles, reading mastery becomes much harder and more less likely.

Helping children with their reading and providing them with resources is a great way to add some quality to their downtime. It also offers a way for them to explore new places, learn about life lessons and ecological concepts, all of which help them understand more about the world around them.

The following are a few story based activities that are entertaining, educational and free.

My Clean and Green Community from Scholastic has a story and activity bundle with a community focus. Resources include a complimentary read on environmental awareness and how to teach children the importance of community involvement. There is also information and topics revolving around community service, Earth Day and waste management issues.

For a free download and illustrated song, There’s A Bug In My Room by Marcie Joy offers a cute scenario about what to do when you find a bug in the house. Meant to teach a larger lesson of compassion and appreciation, kids can sing along and look at the words.

To do a bit of online international travel, spin the globe and do a location search at the International Children’s Digital Library. Available storybook selections from around the globe will pop up, and adults will probably want to rotate the earth a few times, too.

Big Universe has many bilingual books from around the world so adults and kids can learn something together.

Hearing stories also sparks the imagination and provides a captivating activity. Storynory has tons of free, entertaining and musical audio stories that are perfect for long car rides, bedtimes or anytime ears need something to listen to.

For hands on literary tasks, help kids make their own personalized story at Your Bedtime Story. Click on an available story, fill in the selections and a custom made tale appears. Coloring pages can also be printed out to go along with the adventures.

Ideal for budding artists and authors, make a Storybird, which uses illustrations and lets users create stories that can be shared. There are prewritten selections and artwork to choose from or you can make up your own. Beware – it can be addicting.

For a printable lesson, the environmental print game helps develop reading aptitude by using everyday surroundings as the text. Street signs, grocery stores and other public places offer endless reading opportunities.

Stories shared and backed up by activities can create lasting memories and useful knowledge that children will carry with them.

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