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Free eBook Apps for Readers

Free Apps And Material for Digital Readers

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It’s easy to get lost in the swarm of free reading material available for digital readers and smartphones. Some apps and websites can make it easier to sift through the selections and find what you want to read, but not necessarily pay for. In addition to the more widely known choices here are a few more to check out to find eBooks.

Goodreads has an app for the iPhone and iPad that allows users to connect with other readers and share reviews and information. The app has a barcode scanner so you can create a cataloged library of your books. They also have a website.

iReadItNow offers a free version that lists your collection, and lets users keep up on what they are reading and what they want to read. It also lets you add notes and offers personal reading statistics.

Offered by OverDrive, Inc. their system for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch lets users keep track of eBooks and audiobooks from the local library. It allows access to the library catalog of digital selections and allows them to be checked out to read on an iPhone. What was borrowed will stay until the loan is up.

Like the classics and have an iPhone or iPod Touch?

Check out this app for classic reads, which also includes some illustrations. It isn’t free but costs 99 cents, however there is a fairly wide collection available.

BookBub is an alert system in which users who sign up receive daily emails giving them a heads-up about freebies, promotions and discounts on eBooks for various eReaders. These are usually time limited offers which is why there is a daily message.

Started in 2012, authors and publishers participate in this type of deal in order to promote a writer, series or popular title. It features selected titles from an editorial team, so it is not just a dumping ground for free offers. Users can tailor the emails to match their reading preferences.

Finding and keeping track of quality reading material is easier than ever.

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