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Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and could prevent a range of diseases as it helps build red blood cells.

It also plays a vital role in maintaining your body’s biggest organ, the skin.

Some of the foods that can boost your levels of Vitamin E can be tasty snacks, such as raw sunflower seeds, pine nuts, peanuts or almonds. All unsalted of course.

All beautiful leafy green vegetables are an excellent source of Vitamin E and act as the body’s primary fat-soluable antioxidant.

They can be steamed or stir fried as a quick addition to the dinner plate. Broccolli is a ‘super food’, packed full of vitamins.

Avocado is an easy addition to salads or sandwiches. Use it as a spread instead of butter and it will help enhance your skin’s natural glow.

Olives contain phytonutrients and have anti-inflammatory properties. Dried apricots are a good source of fibre as well as many other vitamins

Vegetable oils like sunflower oil help your skin maintain a healthy glow.

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