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The Milk Debate

The Milk Debate

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Goat’s milk has a number of advantages over cow’s milk.

Research conducted at the University of Granada (2007) found that goat’s milk helps the body better use minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, which means that it is superior to cow’s milk for maintaining strong bones and preventing anaemia.

Goat’s milk is also more digestable than cow’s milk because it has a different type of fat, and is less likely to provoke allergic reactions because it contains less lactose and far less of the allergenic casein protein. Many (though not all) of those who can’t tolerate cow’s milk can drink goat’s milk.

Although scientific studies have not noted decreased allergic reactions in children with goat’s milk compared to cow’s milk, parental observations indicate that many children are better able to tolerate goat’s milk (parents may be more astute observers of their own children’s behavior than scientists who don’t know what is normal for a particular child).

Goats are also more environmentally friendly than cows because they require less space and feed.

According to AskDrSears.com (2011), goat’s milk contains more health-promoting essential fatty acids (EFAs) than cow’s milk, as well as 134% more potassium, 47% more vitamin A, 27% more selenium (an antioxidant), 25% more vitamin B6, and 13% more calcium. It’s also a little higher in protein than cow’s milk. However, cow’s milk has 10 times the folic acid and 5 times the vitamin B12 content of goat’s milk. If you want to feed goat’s milk to young children, check with a pediatrician to ensure that you’re providing nutritionally complete formula (many goat milk products designed for infants and toddlers are supplemented with folic acid).

Research reported by the George Mateljan Foundation (2012) indicates that a calcium-rich diet can increase the rate of fat burning, which aids weight loss. This benefit should be seen with both cow’s milk and goat’s milk. However, drinking lots of whole-fat milk will probably negate the effect to some degree, so choose lower fat products for weight loss.

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