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Flash Mob Flashback

The flash mob craze can be credited to an experiment put in motion by Bill Wasik in 2003.

After the first few spontaneous demonstrations, people and companies became hooked, as flash mobs were an innovative way to spread the word about any relevant, or even irrelevant, idea.

The majority of flash mobs were meant to be lighthearted, fun, and of course, unexpected and out of place. Smart mobs are a heightened form of public demonstration, and often try to bring light to important issues or controversial subjects.

Marketing Green offers a brief review of the flash mob strategy and its technique for marketing to green minded consumers. The world of merchandise and advertising are always seeking active vehicles to high power their product to the masses.

Though an occasional break out performance may still be in the works, their popularity may have waned in recent years. However, it is undeniable that the presence of an orderly, message minded mob demands attention. Some groups have used the high calibrated performance art to put an active spin on campaigns or conservation based messages with green flash mobs.

Below are samples of several ecologically focused flash mobs that  tried to bring attention to important environmental matters.

An eco-minded group becomes a tree:

A soggy statement made by university students for World Environment Day titled “The World Has Been Stripped Enough” probably made a big splash with other uniformed beach goers.

Raising awareness about water conservation, but without the festive choreography:

Climate change causes uneasy silence:

Recycling rocks:

Ever heard of a carrotmob? More than a flash mob but another unique way to publicize or bring about change to a business, this type of mob can make a real community difference.

Entertaining and thought provoking, performance art will continually evolve but flash mobs have earned their little place in history.

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