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I’m Healthy, But…….

You want to be healthier but you don’t like brown rice.

If you prefer white grains, try Jasmine rice instead. Though white Jasmine rice isn’t as beneficial as brown rice, it doesn’t metabolize into sugar the way standard white rice does.

Basmati rice is also a better option than packaged white rice. Both Jasmine and Basmati are of the long grain variety and have a lower glycemic index.

You want to be healthier but you still drink soda.

Lucky for you, nature (paired with some health conscious soda lovers) has created a natural, calorie free soda. They call it Zevia.

Zevia is a carbonated drink, just like soda, only it is sweetened with Stevia, a natural sweetener extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana leaf.

With 15 flavors that cover classics like cola and lemon lime as well as more adventurous flavors – grapefruit citrus, anyone? – All that’s needed is Zevia tonic water. If a store you frequent doesn’t carry Zevia or at least not the flavors you wish to experiment with, you can fill out a request form, found on the Zevia website, and send it to the store by email or snail mail. Most stores are more than happy to meet your request.

You can also order Zevia online from Amazon.com and netrition.com. The cans do contain trace amounts of bisphenol-a, although the amount is 2,000 times lower than the FDA approved standard. The bisphenol should not be released, as it takes exposure to high temperatures to do so.

You want to be healthier but have little time to stay active.

Take small steps to add a little activity and integrate it into your daily routine. For some people it is easier to get all of their daily activity in at once, for others it works better if their activity is spread out in chunks throughout the day. Find what works for you.

Many fun activities can keep you fit without becoming a hassle. You may find that hobbies you already have can contribute to your fitness routine. Gardening, swimming, and dancing are all fun to do and just 20 to 30 minutes of these activities will give you a good cardiovascular workout.

Swimming is especially good for those with fibromyalgia or of an older age, as it is easy on the joints. Plus swimming is an activity the whole family can enjoy. So you can keep trim during quality time with your kids. The extra strength and endurance developed from swimming may help you keep up with them!

Dancing, on the other hand can be fun for couples. Taking dance lessons with your significant other might make your efforts all the more sustainable.

If it is an instrument that has your heart, you’ll be glad to know playing instruments, like the guitar while standing, can burn over 250 calories an hour in a person with a normal BMI.

With so many ways to stay healthy, fit and active, there’s no excuse not to just do it!

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