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All Wrapped Up

I love wrapping gifts.

In fact, my Mother and I used to covertly compete when it came to wrapping presents.

I even got to a stage where there were layers of paper with a hint of this colour, and a hint of that, on every one of my beautiful wrapped presents.

Nowadays, I am way too conscious to be so cavalier with shiny, dyed paper that gets an appreciative glance (or not!) and then off to the bin it goes having experienced a very short life indeed.

Now at birthdays and at Christmas I tend to think of creative ways to beautify gifts without the guilt of wasting paper.

I have a cupboard full of wrapping paper that others have given me. Ribbons, wine bags, cardboard boxes, and even cellophane and paper from bunches of flowers. I re-use these on other peoples’ presents, as they’re at least having a second life. Hopefully more, if others catch on and do the same!

Again, it is giving new life to things that usually only have one purpose. Whilst it may not be to everyone’s taste, you could find an article that suits the person you are giving the gift to, which gives it a personal touch.

Be creative
Think of interesting ways to disguise your present. Perhaps get a piece of material that can be made into a cushion or handkerchief later on.
Wrap the present with a present, be that a scarf or t-shirt etc.

Re-cycled Paper
If you absolutely must wrap your gift, make sure it is in recycled paper. There are some beautiful products out there which will hopefully inspire others to recycle the paper they receive.

Forgo the wrapping
Be done with wrapping all together! It is special enough just to receive a gift and I am sure if you explained why your present was nude, then the receiver would appreciate it even more!

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