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Environmentally Focused Infographics

Infographics are a visual resource for conveying data.

These digital posters can present a lot of information that can be easily overviewed and used in conjunction with broader text to increase understanding of the presented context.

Infographs are not a new concept, however, as humans have historically used drawings and pictures to document important events and other records, as well as to express meaning. Cave paintings are an example of some primordial forms of graphic based descriptions.

There is even an infograph to show the history and progression of the pictorially based instrument.

Quality infographs are good educational tools for displaying informative rich data, though they can be somewhat addictive for the knowledge hungry. Below are a few sites that have compiled some which concentrate on environmental themes.

For resourceful infographs, visual.ly has an assortment of environmental topics.

For example, a glance at the consequences of using up the earth’s rare elements is from Where On Earth?

The Future of Solar shows a brief synopsis of past energy consumption for the U.S. as well as imminent goals.

Visual loop also has many conservational and recycling based displays. Detailed, relevant works like E Waste: Recycle or Refuse? delivers helpful data for understanding current issues, like electronic waste. 

WebEcoist has put together 13 eco inspired infographics. Thought provoking pictures, like How Long Will It Last? shows the significance of conserving natural resources and a time frame to put consumption into perspective.

Further, Greenpeace’s Recycling Promotion is a splendid work of art with a powerful message about the beauty of reusing.

Infographs provide an added element for text based learning. Illustrations that represent environmental issues and their global consequences are helpful for learners of all ages.

Image Source: 123RF Stock Photos

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