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Educator Appreciation

Teachers who work with children are in a position to encourage ecological concepts and introduce and expand upon environmental issues.

By providing resources and lesson plans built around sustainable schools of thought, educators can impact children and impart lasting knowledge.

Utilizing interactive lessons and lending a global eye for children to learn about the world around them, educators are helping lay the foundation for a green-minded generation.

Though my fifth grade elementary school class is long over, I can still remember the section presented on conservation which was a theme throughout that year.

Decades later, I can still recall putting together a stapled construction paper booklet assignment, highlighting land and water conservation, and the role that nature as well as man plays in environmental changes. This opened my eyes to the importance of ecological preservation and extended an eagerness to learn about the way nature works. Just by offering up a lesson with enthusiasm and collaboration, teachers become pivotal tools for enriching young minds.

Organizations like EcoLiteracy.org recognize the significance of educating children about ecological awareness and the essential role that teachers play in fostering it. They also offer instructional tools, teaching strategies and a philosophical grounding section to get a jumpstart on eco-friendly themes and activities.

Educators are rightfully celebrated worldwide for their endeavors. Below are some events focusing on teacher appreciation, but of course you don’t have to wait for a calendar set date to let them know how much their work is valued.

One week is set aside each year for American Education Week. This time was selected to recognize public school educators and those actively involved in children’s learning. National Teacher Day occurs during the first week of May on a Tuesday, and is designated as a time to honor special teachers.

World Teachers’ Day is an annual event held every October 5th with the goal of international acknowledgment for educators and their efforts. This day is celebrated by more than 100 countries to highlight teachers’ considerable work and multicultural influence. Check out Teacher Appreciation Day by countries for snapshots of how other countries celebrate their teachers.

By utilizing technology, encouraging world exploration and promoting advancement of global connections, teachers open children up to the larger world around them. Whether in the classroom, community or at home if you know someone who makes an extra effort to instill knowledge and environmental awareness in a developing mind, take a moment to thank them.


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