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Kids With A Conscience

Kids Helping the Environment

Image source: kids.britannica.com

While some events and negative news can leave us questioning certain aspects of humanity at times, there are young individuals who bring hope with their positive acts.

Some agencies and businesses are making it a point to honor youth who are trying to make a difference. Though they may not always be featured in the daily headlines, it is refreshing to learn about children who are proactive in making their surroundings a better place.

Open to U.S. children, the President’s Environmental Youth Award has been in action since 1971.

This initiative partners the President with the Environmental Protection Agency to celebrate actively environmentally aware children through a contest. Award winning projects are picked based upon their superior ecological efforts. Regional entries are due each December 31, and all eligible entries receive a certificate signed by the President.

Farm Rich sponsors a national contest for children in the U.S. called Kids Who Give. The idea is to recognize the efforts of young people who make a positive difference that impacts the lives of others. A range of causes, like medical needs to safe drinking water, have been put in action by children who see a need and have the motivation to help. The competition is open to individual children or teams of 2 who are aged 7 through 17, and prizes are awarded to select contestants.

The Observer Ethical Awards partners with Ecover to celebrate children with sustainable entrepreneurial ideas. Interested contenders that are below the age of 16 can apply alone or with a team. Winning endeavors receive a 3 year grant to advance their environmentally friendly based business concepts. Last year’s victors had the idea to make bat and bird boxes, which are now being put to use in a local park.

The United Nations Environment Program offers information for kids who wish to heighten awareness about the impact of marine litter. Programs like Aware Kids promote marine education and active involvement in bettering water communities.

These are just a few opportunities for inspiring children to demonstrate and put their ideas in action. While environmental and other pressing issues seem ever present, it is nice to hear about children and young adults who care enough to use their time to make a difference in the world the and lives of others.

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