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Environmental Art Branches Out

Jaakko Pernu is an environmental artist who works with nature as his playground.

Reportedly a stimulus for his art comes from his father who worked at times as a boat builder. Learning at an early age how to labor and work with wood, for more than 2 decades now he has been creating organic outdoor sculptures and pieces that bring a bit of forest whimsy into concrete spaces.

Environmental Art Branches Out

Image source: environmentalart.net/pernu

Said to also draw inspiration from puuraja, which is a Finnish word for the timberline at which trees in the Northernmost latitudes will not grow, he employs things like countless willow twigs and branches into his massive land formations. He twists and bends the outside finds into large displays that look out of place and yet fit right in at the same time.

“I feel that my ready works can be part of the specific art world, placed in a museum or in a gallery, but just as well they can be in the dimension of everyman, on a strange route, along by which you would bump into them by chance. My theme is the influence of humans on nature – the influence of nature on humans.”
– Jaakko Pernu

He has developed many exhibitions for public places and has said that he tends to leave the interpretative gist up to the viewer.

His creative way of re-manufacturing real materials make his works seem more unconventionally natural than industrial. Most of his supplies come from local outside discoveries that allow the man-made to intertwine with the natural in a relatable yet uncommon way.

Environmental Art Branches Out

Image source: feeldesain.com/nature-art-installations-by-jaakko-pernu.html

Environmental Art Branches Out

Image source: ignant.de/2012/06/18/jaakko-pernu

Since his branch based demonstrations are made from organic substances they do not last and eventually wear with the elements, perhaps making a cyclical statement about the magnificence of impermanence.

This video shows a work in the making, Floats, made mainly from forest branches.

Environmental art can take the simplest of items and turn them into the grandest presentations.

Seeing something like this in lieu of another bleak, concrete structure would make the out and about surroundings of the day a little less artificial feeling.

Environmental Art Branches Out

Image source: feeldesain.com/nature-art-installations-by-jaakko-pernu.html


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