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Electric bulbs have been a part of human lifestyle ever since electricity invaded our lives. Evolved from Humphrey Davy’s electric arc and Edison’s filament, bulbs went through various transitions through the revolution in the silicon industry. The manufacturers focused on making brighter electric bulbs with commercial motives but only during the late 90s, the awareness about the environmental problem these incandescent lamps cause became a hot issue as the story of global warming also went viral.

Just like the display industry, the lamp manufacturers also took advantage of small chips which can do more work with less energy and this gave birth to LED bulbs, which has wide domestic usage. These are more efficient and less power consuming than halogen powered lamps and incandescent lamps.

Recently a California based bulb manufacturer named Switch Lighting unveiled its latest product which is greener and less power consuming than LED itself. The company has patented LQD Cooling System which keeps LED bulbs cool using “liquid silicone” as coolant. The heart of this system is a combination of two parts namely the silicon coolant and a low power driver. Liquid silicon used here are not new to cooling industry as they are used to cool heavy machines and are proved absolutely free from toxins and degradation. So, it’s very safe to use this element in bulbs.

These bulbs require only a fraction of energy to generate brightness of 100W and they are eco-friendly too. An added advantage is its design; the LEDs are placed in the upper part of the bulb which yields uniform light distribution and luminance.  The company has announced lamps of 40-watt, 60-watt and 75-watt initially which will cost between $5 to $45, Right now these are available only for 120-volt system (United States system) but the company has promised to release versions of the bulbs compatible with UK and Europe systems also.

There are two ways these bulbs help us keep our earth green: one, by using liquid silicon technology which is an advanced cooling system where lamps are kept much cooler than traditional incandescent lamp thus much of global warming contributed from home caused by thermal heat from lamps is evaded. And two, these bulbs provide brighter light with 40% less power consumption and these bulbs can last longer than incandescent bulbs.

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