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Educational Water Activities for Kids

Fostering environmental awareness at an early age through participation in informative activities results in an increased knowledge base and encourages earth friendly behaviors that can last into adulthood.

Incorporating water play into a curriculum is a fun way to teach kids about water conservation concepts.

Though agriculture accounts for a large majority, household water use is responsible for a great portion of waste. According to water conservation statistics, the typical household in Australia uses up 11% of their water source for daily activities, and the U.S. is predicted to consume over 10% of the entire world’s water supply reserved for home use by 2025.

Teaching children about the impact wasting water can have and how they can integrate responsible water saving actions on a daily basis allows them to see that their behaviors can make a real difference. Children also recurrently learn from other’s examples. Basic lessons like not allowing the faucet to run while brushing teeth, which can save nearly 8 gallons a day, can be instilled in even young children.

Projects that provide an opportunity for teaching instructive models, like saving water and the consequences of water waste, are ideal places to start.

For younger kids, crafts that demonstrate relatively simple concepts such as how things float can provide an introductory lesson. From Action Pack’s water edition, the tutorial for making pirates and sailors out of cork are a great water activity, plus they are fun to design.

Explain how watersheds work by playing the watershed game. Kids can type in their names to log in and learn more about how different things like agriculture, neighborhoods and cities can affect the water system.

Have kids check out Wasting Water is Weird for a quick take on water waste starring RIP the Drip. Click on Meet Rip for downloads to wallpapers and weird, free water channeled mp3 ringtones like Your Mom Wastes Water and Water Boy, which children may be oddly drawn to.

The Water Project also has free resources and lesson plans for various ages. Issues revolving around water scarcity and unsafe drinking water, as well as situational strategies for solutions are also available.

Creating an environment conducive to learning about essential life needs, like reliable and safe water, instills a fundamental appreciation and enduring awareness in developing minds.

Image Source: Joanie Gorman‘s cork sailors and pirates from: Action Pack

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