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Can you imagine eating your hot chocolate package? This is the wave of the future to replace the constant buildup of single serving packaged items in our landfills. With everyone on the go, single serving items are popular but are one of the largest known issues in pollution.

There is roughly 80 tons of packaging waste added to U.S. landfills each year. Do we really need a box and then additional packaging?

MonoSol, a company based in Indiana, are working on the technology to remove the additional wrapping with water soluble wrappers. Presently, MonoSol is already in the market with laundry soap and dish washer tabs that have dissolvable films. Some of the packaging in mind are hot chocolate packages, oatmeal packages, spice packets, drink sticks, and even possibly frozen lasagna.

The technology was developed by the Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, which created edible packaging called WikiCells, and studied water-storing fruits like grapes.  Apparently, the film has no taste or smell and is perfectly safe for consumption.  The company claims the package is tough enough to hold any contents.

Though there would still need to be an outside packaging to safely deliver the water-soluble packets without contamination,  MonoSol could very well be a benefit to waste reduction in our homes and landfills.


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