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Many people vow to begin a new year with reformed behaviors. Months, or maybe even weeks into a different year however, well intended resolutions may get put on the backburner. Adding more sustainable behaviors is good resolve no matter when, but the start of a purported clean slate in time often lends to increased motivation. Integrating simple solutions throughout the year is essentially best when it comes to sticking to a plan.

According to Bill Petro the history of making resolutions on New Year’s day began in Babylonian times. They had New Year’s festivities in March, but the Romans changed the custom to be held in January and added the notion of making ethically charged changes for the year to come. January comes from the word Janus, a statue that resembles two faces and is said to be the protector of entryways and exits. One face stares behind, said to be looking back to the past year, and one face looks to the year ahead. New Year’s celebrations and promises for change are still customary in many areas.

Research on willpower actually shows that adding in changes gradually is more constructive and likely to lead to the desired behavior, as opposed to picking a day to add difficult or way out of the ordinary deviations. Sustainable behaviors are in the same vein. Intermingling different ways of doing things into your routine will most likely last if the additions are practical and incorporated into the day’s events. For instance, to someone who is making a conscious effort to recycle but possibly has not done so in the past may at first find the added steps of rinsing, sorting and taking to be re-salvaged somewhat overwhelming. With a bit of time and sprinkling it in though, it becomes part of normal undertakings.

Picking one or two green resolutions to concentrate on may better lead to successful results. Uncomplicated proposals, like uncluttering and repurposing or donating unneeded items, or opting for better environmental choices regarding health and home supplies are particular, but not insurmountable objectives. For some inspiration and plans for achieving New Year’s goals read through the GreenDivas’ suggestions.

Manageable changes need not be called resolutions or began only at the start of a new year in time to matter. Smarter choices are beneficial, whenever they are enacted upon.

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