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Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities – Fit for Royalty

When the birth of a little one is near, royal excitement starts to go around. When buying for the much anticipated guest forget baby bling, but opt for practical pieces that mom and baby will really use.

And so, with the impending birth of the newest royal just around the corner, it started us thinking about the perfect baby items that Prince William and Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, might find both useful and necessary. Here are a few suggestions we have come up with.


A definite need for babies who are amiably renowned for requiring numerous daily wardrobe changes, linens will get put to good use. Whether cleaning up or laying around, soft cloths that are made free of dyes and harsh chemicals are good to have on hand.

The Little Linen Company carries several brands of linens fit for baby. Muslin wraps, wash cloths and hooded towels are everyday items to keep in stock. Organically produced bamboo and cotton fabrics, like the line from Little Bamboo are good picks.


Here at last, little ones grow fast. Pick clothing with breathable fabrics and wiggle room, like natural cotton kimono gowns and sleep sacks. These are also much easier to do a quick change without tons of snaps to engineer.

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities

Image source: bambinoland.com/store/template/product_display.php

Babies never seem to stay in their socks. Baby leg warmers are a darling option, especially for little leg workouts. Bambino Land has several colors made with 85% organic cotton.

Also, well-made baby booties are a good idea for months of toe-grabbing fun. For handmade booties, the Union Flag baby shoes available from the Highgrove artisan collection of the personal estate of Prince Charles are made with vegetable based dyes and are chrome and formaldehyde free. Additionally, all profits from the entire line are donated to charitable organizations.

Made to last, you will look back and reminisce about when they used to fit in them.

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities

Image source: highgroveshop.com/collections/coronation/union-flag-baby-shoes

Natural Skin Care

Keeping skin baby soft is part of relaxing bath time and changing rituals. Burt’s Bees has organic baby products that do not contain harsh chemicals for sensitive skin, and mom can use them, too.


Don’t believe that every piece of plastic baby gear is needed to have to tote about. Buy key pieces that are bound to get lots of use. Available in many types and price ranges, a useful buy is a stroller that grows with baby and can be used from infancy well into toddlerhood. This is a good investment that will last a busy family on the go for many years.

Changing tables that perform more than one function are also smart purchases. This one from Kalon Studios is ecologically made and when it is not being utilized as a changing station it can be used in several other ways.

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities

Image source: kalonstudios.com/shop/us/changing-trunk

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities

Since you can’t easily move around a crib, mobile sleeping equipment is a convenience. Moses baskets are one option that doesn’t contain plastic and are not too heavy or bulky. They allow growing babies enough room to comfortably rest while still being close to mom so she gets some much need shuteye or accomplishes a few tasks. There are many varieties and eco-friendly versions, so make sure that the one selected does not have fibers that have been treated with chemicals.

The classic design of the Moses basket are usually made with handles though they are not meant to be carried by them with baby inside, and as with any sleeping space for baby keep safety regulations in mind. Also, don’t forget the under padding. Buy mattresses and sleeping pads made with natural materials that are free of synthetics.


Wooden toys and soft playthings that are ethically produced are visually stimulating and entertaining for small hands. Many companies, like Under the Nile, offer quality made, safe items for infants.


Objects that can be cherished forever are ideal for such a momentous occasion. Sustainably manufactured keepsakes make perfect gifts for baby and mom. Fair Trade produced baby rings, bracelets or recycled sterling silver spoons are traditional treasures.

Remember The New Mother

While a beautiful time in a new mother’s life, sleep is often the only splurge she may – or more frequently, may not – get. Give the gift and feel of comfort like a luxurious robe or a soothing pure lavender eye pillow.

Flavorful herbal and organic teas are also nice treats.

Eco-Luxe Nursery Necessities

Image source: highgroveshop.com/food-drink/food/highgrove-teas/wild-strawberry-mug-and-tea-gift-set

Sometimes the best presents are the ones that don’t come wrapped.

Give the gift of time to a new family with a thoughtful service, like an organic meal home delivery or housekeeping. These can be obtained from online companies or donated by a helpful friend. Also check local listings for any nearby providers.

New moms are in a conundrum because they need to eat healthily, but often don’t have the time to do so. Healthy Chef Creations is one example that has a fresh food program specifically designed for new moms. EcoMaids and Eco-Friendly Maid Service are two examples of businesses that offer environmentally based home cleaning services. These are ideas that will be much appreciated during those first few sleepy weeks.

Preparing for a new baby is thrilling, though all of the glorious hustle of planning and purchasing doesn’t compare at all to what is felt when they actually arrive.

Fortunately for all of us, the hype and attention we receive at the time of our baby’s arrival is from our beloved family and friends, but for this young royal couple they have the whole world watching and waiting in anticipation of their newest arrival. Let’s hope they get some much needed family bonding time without the media scrutiny the Royal’s have come to expect.

Do you have any environmentally sound baby items or tried and tested favorites to recommend? Let us know and we may add them to a future list.

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