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Have Fun Being Green

Adopting a green way of life often has its challenges.

At times it can be harder being responsible than just not thinking about consequences, and sometimes we forget that revelry is a necessary human component. It’s important to remember that there is a fun side to being socially responsible.

Adults and kids alike can have some good, green fun with these ideas.

Did you know you can make homemade marbled paper, stationary and cards using shaving cream and food coloring? Use biodegradable shaving cream or make your own organic formula.

In addition to using it for the project, whip up some extra and store in an airtight container to use later for shaving. You might prefer your own natural blend instead of a purchased one with a long list of compounds.


Image source: foodformyfamily.com

Use recycled paper and natural food coloring, which can be store-bought or easily made with things from the kitchen. Add a few drops of food coloring to the shaving cream and mix around gently without over-stirring. Put paper on top of the cream mixture, gently pressing down. Lift the paper, scrape off the extra cream and you should have a marbled effect on the paper. You can re-dip and mix different colors to achieve various effects. Let your design dry and the uses are endless.

For some smart screen time, younger kids will like to play Michael, Michael, Go Recycle or Clean Up.

An idea for getting involved in the community is to start a swap by sharing common interests or forging new ones. Exchange items with friends or family every month or so. The possibilities are limitless since you can always mix it up with new ideas or even let kids decide what to swap.

Things like books, recipes, movies, games, toys, clothes and bags are great items to share. Think outside the typical switch, even objects like baking tins and cookie cutters, camping, outdoor and sports equipment might be fun to trade for a while. Try switching out things like craft supplies and recycled objects for projects. Spoonful has compiled a gallery of recycled crafts to get the ideas flowing.

Have Fun Being Green

Image source: spoonful.com from FamilyFun Magazine

Have Fun Being Green

Image source: spoonful.com from FamilyFun Magazine

Have Fun Being Green

Image source: spoonful.com from FamilyFun Magazine

If you have the opportunity to splurge on a meal out think about having a green food fest. Take a local organic food tour sometimes offered though farms, whole food stores, universities or sustainable community programs. For a fee, which ranges depending on the venue and services, you can tour the site, learn about the food preparation and taste the fares.

These are just a few things to do that won’t spike your carbon footprint, which you can check with the kids, too, just to see how you are doing.

By being creative and reusing, the fun gets recycled too.

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