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Shopping Online, The Green Way

Green shopping online

Image source: www.vine.com

The internet has revolutionized buying goods and shopping – with an internet connection and a credit card the latest products from around the world are just a click away.

A  website was launched by Amazon, offering only eco-friendly products. www.vine.com only sells green products, apparel, accessories, organic foods, cleaning supplies to name a few.

Vine.com strictly sells products which are either natural, organic, self-powering or products which make your home healthy. Products sold on vine.com are not labelled “natural” just as a marketing ploy. All the vendors who wish to sell products must verify that their products meet required standards and that they don’t contain banned ingredients.

Another interesting tool is the list of banned ingredients and their corresponding effects on humans. These banned ingredients are listed under sub groups, such as personal care, or groceries.

The onus is on sellers to meet all the sustainability standards for their products. Criteria such as being made from sustainable materials, energy efficient, natural, organic, powered by renewable energy, reusable, and water efficient ensure that buyers can be confident of the products they choose.

Internet shopping with its packaging and transport requirements is not entirely ecoo-friendly in itself.

“It’s a fair point that no matter how you’re going to engage in commerce, there’s going to be an environmental impact. We’re not promising to be the greenest company right away, and we’re owning up to the fact that it’s not the way we operate across the entire company”, says the leader of vine.com

Vine also allows users to browse and buy products locally; this allows you to discover green products near your home.

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