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Green Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, relationships, family, and friendship.

Although when you consider how much energy it takes to create all those goodies, gifts, and especially the cards it is a whole lot of waste.

At any given store in the month of February tons of paper cards grace the shelves. Can you imagine the carbon footprint Valentine’s Day leaves behind each year.

Here is a unique way to ‘green’ your Valentine’s Day for adults and children alike.

Plant cards
Can be made from old scrap paper, contain seeds and can be planted.

To make the seed paper just use scrap paper you have around your house. Tear them up into small pieces and place in a blender. Add just enough water into the blender so the paper is covered and blend. When your paper is nice and evenly blended you can add your seeds. Do not blend seeds. Unplug your blender and use a wooden spoon to gently stir the seeds into the paper mush.

Now it is ready to be shaped.

Place a colander in the sink, with a towel to cover the large holes, and pour the paper mush into it. Place a towel on the counter and if you have a piece of felt, place the felt on top of the towel.  Then gently pour your seeds and paper pulp on the felt and spread evenly out. Take another towel and press it down on the paper pulp to help dry the excess water.  You may now blow dry the paper or let it sit out overnight to dry.

When your paper is dry, cut it out into the shape of your choosing.

Make a simple card with cardstock and glue the flower to your card or just give them the shape by itself.

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