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Glass vs Plastic Bottles

Many companies are working to reduce the amount of waste and emission they use in making our drink containers.

For instance, nowadays glass bottles are 40% lighter, plastic (2-liters) now weigh 8.5 grams instead of the staggering 22 grams, and the carbon footprint of aluminum is down by 43%.

The big question is which is best for the environment?

The answer is glass. Glass can be recycled on a short-term basis and it can be reused and recycled endlessly.  All different types of glass can be used in a mix means furnace unlike plastic. For every six tons of glass that is recycled the emissions for carbon dioxide drops at least a ton. Glass does not give off toxic chemicals when left to heat in the sun.

The next question should be why are the soda and water bottle companies still using plastic?

The simple answer is that plastic is lighter to ship and transport. In addition to the fact that plastic is cheaper to make than glass. Though these reasons seem ridiculous when bottle water consumption has surged to 154 billion liters (about 41 billion gallons), there is no reason for the companies to be cheap and risk our oceans and wildlife.

The last question to ask would be what we can do to change this?

To answer…do not buy anything in a plastic bottle and insist on using your own cup when you are out. This will eliminate tons of landfill waste and the money going into the pockets of those whom do not want to make the change for money purposes rather than for the environment.

Water filters are inexpensive plus they are better for the environment. Replace the plastic in your life with a water filter, save money, and save a big fish.

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