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Let’s Wrap It Up

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping

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Newspaper: Using old newspapers for wrapping gifts is one of my favorite options. Take use of the colorful section from the newspaper and use it for wrapping. As the colorful parts are glossy, it would be a perfect eco-friendly option for wrapping gifts. Those pages are also brighter and more festive.

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

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Fabric: Take use of recycled or recyclable fabric for wrapping. You can easily design your options and wrap your gifts with ease. This art of wrapping gifts is one of the greener methods, because the fabric may be reused multiple times.

Old Magazines: Choose only the old magazines that are still intact when making your gift wrapping paper. Old magazines that are falling apart may not be the best items to use for this homemade craft. By tearing off the cover and back page of the magazines, the inside pages will be easier to separate.

Fiber Paper or 100% Recycled: Banana fiber paper turns wasted bark from banana production into a decorative eco-wrapping option. Or choose a tree-less sources of paper, like the 100% recycled paper printed with soy-based inks.

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping

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Brown Paper Bags: Any brown paper bag will do. Depending on the size of the gift, you may need multiple bags. You can use white out, markers, or paint, stickers or anything else to cover any designs that may be on the bag with your own designs. You can even use the handles of the bag as a ribbon or bow. Get creative and challenge yourself to put those brown paper bags to good use.

Another Gift: Make another gift part of the gift wrapping process. Storage containers make for an easy gift wrapping idea for any neat freaks on your list. Buckets and watering cans are easy to fill with gardening supplies. Mixing bowls, crockpots or any other dish-shaped item makes the perfect package for your favorite cook. Other alternatives include scarves, blankets, beach towels and more.

Eco-friendly Gift Wrap

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Gift Bags: Eco friendly gift bags are slowly becoming a more popular wrapping idea. It is the perfect choice for wrapping a gift, because they are reusable for as long as they last. The bags are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Just hop online and they are easy to find.

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