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The 48 Go Green International Film Comp

Each year, the Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded to a small group of eco-conscious filmmakers whose films affect change in the ecological industry.

However, that prize is not the only way you can receive recognition for your contribution to the field of ecological science.

The 48 Go Green International Eco Film Competition is a smaller-scale version of the Goldman Prize, but is given to more recipients, and offers a wider chance of having your project viewed by the masses.

The idea is simple; together with a team, or performing solo by yourself, create an eco-conscious film in 48 hours that narrates or tells a story. Each team receives their assignment via the web, and must complete their film within the 48 hour limit, or be disqualified.

Once all the films have been received and judged, 15 awards will be given out. Then, the award-winning films will be viewed at a ceremony in Hollywood, California. It’s a tremendous opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who support the same cause, and can help one another post-ceremony.

It’s a unique approach to be sure, but one that’s seen hundreds of competitors enter their projects in the years since the competition first launched. Filmmakers across the world have vied for a spot among the top qualifiers, if for nothing else than to see their hard work pay off in the way of a viewing. Others are in it to further their filmmaking careers.

The competition was first contrived in Athens, Greece, in 2009, when two film producers teamed up to create an ecological institution. The plan was to provide a medium for filmmakers across the world to create environmentally-themed film projects and spread ecological awareness.

These are the official themes, in random order, for 2013’s 48 Go Green Competition. Each team will base their film on one of the following:

Save the environment
Save the water
Save the forest
Save the animals
Save the earth
Save the next generation
Save the energy
Save the sea
Save the Planet
Free Choice

The competition has since been a great success. You can view the winners of past and present competitions by clicking this link. You can also enter to create your own project by visiting the 48 Go Green homepage.


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