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Every time we shop we are presented with green options.

We may not know it at first, but when confronted with choices, like which watch to buy or what device to listen to our music on, there is always one item that proves more efficient than the rest.

Though these options are not as apparent as LED lights or hemp tote bags, they do contribute to daily savings of energy and other resources.

Choosing these items over their contemporaries will add to your overall level of efficiency and may help you consume more responsibly. This isn’t to encourage unnecessary purchases, as buying products certainly won’t solve climate change. But knowing which items are more resourceful can give better insight to purchases you are already likely to make.

Desktop or Laptop Computer
Although desktop computers tend to cost less, laptops can contribute to more savings in the long term. An average laptop uses 50 percent less energy than a desktop computer when plugged in. Running on batteries, a laptop uses only 1 percent of the energy a desktop computer uses. And, should your office flood or catch fire, their portability means they can be easily saved in the face of such disaster. Meaning you won’t have to run out for a replacement.

Coffee Makers
Rather than purchasing a standard coffee maker, try a French press instead. French press coffee makers don’t require the paper filters needed for drip-brew makers. They are also more portable and cordless. Just remember to keep your coffee grounds coarser so they don’t filter into the coffee while brewing.

CD’s or Portable Music Devices
The days of stuffing shelves with collections of plastic disks are a dying era. And it’s a good thing, too. While one can appreciate the novelty of a record, CD’s and their plastic manufacturing practices have become obsolete. You can save space and lower the accumulation of plastic waste by investing in an mp3 player or other portable device. Many can store between 2-8 GB of music – sometimes several days worth, and take up no extra space.

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