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Eco Challenge 2013

The Northwest Earth Institute  issued a 2-week eco challenge for anyone interested in participating. From October 15-30, the institute challenges you to change one habit for the earth. The topics include:

1. Water Conservation

2. Energy Efficiency

3. Sustainable Food Options

4. Alternative Transportation

5. Trash Reduction

Basically, you choose one of the following, create a plan to change your habit, share your challenge with friends and family, and inspire others to follow suit. The important part is being held accountable for your decisions during that two-week period, which is why the institute helps you connect with other challengers, for moral support and idea-swapping.

Check out this video from the institute below:

So what’s the whole point? Well, for starters, the challenge can be economically beneficial to you, depending on what challenge you decided upon. The challenge can be a great educational tool for families and students, and will definitely provide some important life lessons on living eco consciously.

The challenges are also fun and creative, forcing you to think outside the box on how to live differently. Candlelight dinners, fresh food, bike rides rather than automobile transportation, etc. It’s an exciting experiment for the whole family, and can become a yearly thing to promote green living.

The institute is also handing out prizes with this years challenge by way of a raffle. We definitely encourage you to sign up for the challenge and experience a different way to live.

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