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Downshifting In 2013

It may take an event to make us realize it, or sometimes it is a feeling we carry with us each day, but when it all piles up we can no longer ignore the fact that we need to slow down.

We have to rest to regenerate. This need to take a moment every now and then is actually ingrained in us.

When we are going full force it is hard to really be cognizant of our surroundings and emotions. There is actually an entire week devoted to the idea that we need to slow down our lives.

International Downshifting Week was started in 2003 by Tracey Smith. Its fundamental premise is that we need to downshift and remember what is important. This gentle reminder is an annual event and this year it is being held from 20-26 April.

The intent of this week is to decrease your pace in the rat race of life, but also to envelope a greener way of being. Decelerating a bit in all aspects of our lives, combined with finding ways to be more sustainable on a daily basis can help strike a sense of balance. Ideally, we should remain calm, rational and  continually productive, but we all know this doesn’t always happen.

This week is designed to reclaim focus on ourselves and surroundings so that we are happier and can regain our equilibrium. The shift hopefully continues even after the week’s end. The event’s organizer lays out some tips for everyone to begin a restructured stress-free schedule. Also provided are suggestions for companies and kids and schools to spark some downshifting motivation.

Part of the message is we can’t sustain the environment around us if can’t sustain ourselves. We don’t just have to take one week a year, or only during the designated time frame, but we do indeed need to remember how to unwind and simply live.


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