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DIY Natural Men’s Skincare

Some over the counter men’s products can further irritate skin conditions caused from weather exposure and shaving. These do it yourself recipes address men’s particular skincare routines and possible issues.

They are all natural, no fuss and can be made right at home.

Crunchy Betty’s recipe for MANhand Salve is perfect for dry, cracked hands and other problem areas. First, an herbal infusion is made with essential oils like almond, sunflower or apricot and herbs such as comfrey, peppermint or chamomile, which have healing properties.

After the mixture is allowed to permeate for a few weeks, or placed in a water bath for a few hours to speed up the process, it  is strained. Then it is added to an emollient rich salve made with coconut oil and beeswax. The finished product can be stored in an air tight glass container for many months and used as needed.

DIY Natural Men’s Skincare

Image source: crunchybetty.com

DIY Natural Men’s Skincare

Image source: flickr.com/photos/katerha

Shaving cream facilitates a close shave, but some chemical ingredients can clog facial pores and aggravate skin.

Wellness Mama has instructions for making foaming shave soap, shaving cream and bar soap for 3 different ways to shave. Natural ingredients like essential oils, Shea butter, vitamin E, aloe and honey help moisturize sensitive skin and grapefruit seed extract acts as a natural preservative.

After shaving, toning with aftershave can help neutralize the skin. Made with the zest from leftover orange peels, vanilla, bay leaves, cloves and a bit of rum, DIY rum spice aftershave will energize the skin.

Simmer all of the ingredients that are listed in the recipe in a saucepan and let the concoction sit until it is at room temperature. Then, store in a glass bottle and splash away. Use less rum for sensitive skin and do not apply near the eye area.

Keep it in the refrigerator for an extra cooling, after shaving splash.

DIY Natural Men’s Skincare

Image source: savvysugar.com

Also, for cleansing and moisturizing in one lotion bars simplify the process.

There are countless skincare choices for women, and whether purchased or homemade it can sometimes seem that naturally based skin products mainly target them. Having a few tailored formulas on hand for gift giving or everyday use give men some organic skincare options, too.

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