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Cool DIY Baby Projects

Babies, with all of their splendid cuteness, need lots of stuff. Making sure they have all of the necessities to get them through their first few months can quickly become expensive.

While it can be fun to pick out nursery items and layettes, what isn’t so cheerful is purchasing many high priced needs only to find out that they will be outgrown just as fast as they came out of the packaging.

Or worse, to find out that what you have brought home for baby can actually be harmful.

Cool DIY Baby Projects

Image source: healthychild.org

Surprising levels of hazardous substances can be found in baby items and according to Healthy Child Healthy World, a fresh and new nursery can contain as many as 300 toxins. Many newly manufactured items are comprised of chemicals, and actually some older items that meet safety guidelines can be a better alternative.

The following are a few clever projects for getting geared up for baby, without going broke and minus some of the extra worry over contaminants.

Used furniture has had a chance to air out, releasing many of its hazardous compounds over time and can have far less amounts than newer counterparts.

This baby rocker constructed from salvaged wooden pallets is a handmade spin on the classic cradle. Cut, formed, sanded and shaped, this nursery furniture is an original from Crème Anglaise.

Cool DIY Baby Projects

Image source: cremeanglaise.bigcartel.com

A whimsical addition to the nursery, but a much budget friendlier version can be made by incorporating some woodworking know how. This tutorial is a good place to start in creating a do it yourself design and also points out a few challenges in replicating it. If you do not have the tools or woodcutting skills, just ask a local woodworker, lumberyard, woodshop or construction company if they will make the cuts for you. Most will for a nominal charge.

Cool DIY Baby Projects

Image source: lolleyweb.com

Other money savers are to buy furniture pieces that can do double duty. For instance, many dressers can also be used as changing tables simply by adding a thick folded cotton blanket or PVC free padding to the top. These plans show how to construct one for less than the cost of a store bought piece. For instant organization, designs like this shelf and bins can be used to store baby items and can then hold older kid’s toys and books.

Clothing, bibs and bathing cloths are a must, and as small as neatly presented layettes and linens are, their price tags often are not. Gently used cotton and organic cotton pieces can be an affordable choice over brand new items.

These handmade bibs featured on A Little Tipsy are super adorable. Created from old graphic t-shirts, this idea could quickly become a compulsion. Luckily, a visual lesson is provided.

Cool DIY Baby Projects

Image source: alittletipsy.com

Old cotton clothing can also be made into washcloths, bath towels and even gowns and onesies.

Cool DIY Baby Projects

Image source: thismamamakesstuff.com

Save the fabric scraps from other projects and use them to make shapes for a homemade mobile. Just make certain that all pieces are secure and that the mobile is placed entirely out of baby’s reach.

A perfect project for older kids, this raindrop inspired mobile is a colorful and fun way to salvage fabric leftovers and could be proudly hung in their space to remind them that they were once new, too.

Cool DIY Baby Projects

Image source: misswrangler.blogspot.com

Preparing for a baby with a few hands on projects, though it may be a little added work, can be a rewarding way to get ready.

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