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DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

Image source: reinastyle.blogspot.com

Spray bottle products are convenient, perfectly sized and their contents are what many deem as daily necessities.

However, they can also often include questionable components and high price tags, all contained in plastic.

Why buy when you can DIY better than the original?

The following bottle mist recipes are all natural and inexpensive. Plus, bottles you already have on hand can be reused to try them out, or you can make your own with a glass container.

For a skin safe fragrance, body spray can be made with only 3 ingredients: filtered water, vegetable glycerin and essential oils. Adding vegetable glycerin or aloe to the sprays instead of only water helps skin retain moisture. Pick a favorite citrusy, spicy or floral scent and make a batch for a fraction of the cost of store bought brands.

These same ingredients can be tailored to make a moisturizing facial mist. For oily skin types add witch hazel, and for dryer skin try using almond or coconut oil.

Inhabitat has a basic compilation of 5 all natural DIY facial and body mists for some ideas. These can be altered with other natural ingredients to suit various skin types.

DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

Image source: inhabitat.com

One on the list is cooling cucumber mist with rosewater. This can be stored in the refrigerator for an extra refreshing face spray. Or as recommended try adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to really wake up the skin, just be sure to avoid the eye area.

DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

Image source: inhabitat.com

For dry, scaly skin, a body spray applied after the shower works to provide necessary moisture. With rich olive and almond oils, vitamin E and essential oils, this can be sprayed on before applying lotion or cream for an emollient treatment.

An aromatic mist can give a bad mood a lift.

DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

Image source: thetastyalternative.com

Rosewater and high spirited rose geranium, jasmine or bergamot essential oils will pick you up. Also, lavender, rosemary, clary sage, citrus or other favorite scents will work to spray away negative vibes.

Since it is all natural, it can be used as a body mist or a room spray.

For the hair, anti-frizz spray will tame frizzy fly-aways. With aloe, jojoba and lavender essential oils it will also provide moisture.

Hand sanitizers are popular and widely used, but making a natural alternative is as simple as simple as mixing a few ingredients. Witch hazel, aloe and vitamin E added to tea tree, lavender and frankincense essential oils work to make a hand sanitizer and antiseptic skin spray.

DIY Makes Spray Bottles Better

Image source: hellonatural.co

Use distilled or sanitized water and always be sure that bottles are clean and sterile before filling to avoid contamination so that the natural sprays will last.

If you have any all natural DIY spray bottle recipes or recommendations please share them in the comments space below.

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