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DIY Facial Mist For Dry Winter Skin

DIY Facial Mist For Dry Winter Skin

Image source: flickr.com/photos/denisdefreyne

A long season of cold temperatures and blistery winds can onset dry skin conditions, leaving your face looking patchy, itchy and dull.

Facial mists can alleviate these issues and plump up the skin, leaving it refreshed. Over the counter mists can be pricey, especially considering that they are mostly made from water. Also, some of the ingredients in them can actually worsen dry skin. Some brands might contain alcohol or additives that can offset the effects in the product, making it less effective.

Trying a homemade facial mist allows a tailor made and money saving alternative.

Dry skin, or xerosis, can be provoked or worsened by exposure to environmental irritants commonly found in the colder months. Indoor heating systems can zap humidity from the air and the skin, causing a lack of hydration and off balance pH levels. Facial mists can help some of these problems, and when your face feels dry and tired a misting spray will invigorate and restore moisture to it.

First, finding a reusable container with a sprayer that has a very fine mist setting is ideal. Reuse empty product containers or sometimes you can find a travel size spray bottle that will work. Also, clear glass perfume containers can be purchased that have misters. Be sure the containers are clean and sanitized before using.

They are mainly made with water, and it is important to use purified water so the mist will not easily breed bacteria. Use distilled water, or you can boil water for several minutes and let it cool before adding ingredients.

For calming the skin herbal infusions made from rosemary and chamomile can be added into the water while cooling. Let steep for at least 10 minutes and remove herbs or run the mixture through a sifter before bottling. Rosewater is mild and good for dry skin, however be sure to use organic roses or rosewater that is meant for topical applications. Do not steep the leaves of store bought roses as they can contain synthetics and preservatives to make them last longer.

Speedy Remedies has recipes for all natural facial mists that can provide some ideals on what to add to a water mist. Things like grapefruit, aloe vera gel, lavender and teas are good additions.

They will last for approximately 2 weeks, and can be kept in the refrigerator for a refreshing mist.

Do it yourself versions of facial mists are good for both men and women, and can help get your skin through the winter months.

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