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5 Simple DIY Eco Projects

Everybody loves a good bit of hands-on work every now and then. Why not put your weekend freedom to good use, and tackle a few of these simple and enjoyable eco projects?

DIY Decoupaged Storage Jars

Need a place to put your things? Storage jars are a great organizational tool.

DIY Makeup/Art Supplies Organizer

Tired of losing your favorite eyeliner or paint brush? Check out this simple organizer.

DIY Eco-Friendly Glue

Looking for a non-toxic glue you can make from your kitchen? Look no further!

DIY Solar Panel Cells

Searching the internet for a direct, to-the-point guide on creating your own solar cells? Your search ends now.

DIY Compost Bin

Ready to begin recycling food and compostable waste? Check out this bin you can create from wooden pallets.

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