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Digital Medicine Of The Future

We take medications for a variety of reasons — Doctor prescribed pills for diseases, illness, headaches, etc.

Sometimes we don’t always follow the instructions, which can lead to further complications, or the illness not being treated properly. This in turn causes headaches for medical professionals, but puts more money into the pockets of pharma companies after you purchase even more meds to cure the illness.

Some companies are working on digital pills that will send data back to your doctor with information such as how you’ve been using the medicine, how often you take it, how it’s working in your body, etc.

That future is coming soon. Check this out:

What if you didn’t have to worry about whether or not your treatment was having any effect? What if you were in constant contact with your doctor without even picking up the phone?

This is the reality of the near future, where even our medicine interacts with computer technology to analyze our bodies. It might sound scary to some, and we wouldn’t blame you, considering how intrusive world governments are these days. Nonetheless, you can be sure that all your worries will be put to rest by the time these type of pills make it to the pharmacy near you.

As healthcare technology advances more and more towards near “immortality”, we provide ourselves with even more tools to stay healthy and live active lifestyles. Rather than a take it and forget it approach, medicinal pills of the future will keep us up to date with our body’s condition, so that we can preemptively attack illnesses before they even arrive.

If you’d like to learn more about the advances in the medicine field, here’s an article about a telepresence robot being used by disabled patients, and a body scanner that works like a tricorder.

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