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Carpet Gets Off The Floor

Old carpeting and remnants can account for a surprising amount of waste. Though most carpet does end up in the landfill, it can be recycled. According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency statistics, in 2011 the amount of carpet that was recycled averaged 9%.

The following designs are surprisingly made from old carpet, and are also examples of just what can be done with creative recycling endeavors.

You would never think that this children’s bike was made entirely from residential nylon carpet.

Carpet Gets Off The Floor

Called the Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition 3 In 1 from Wishbone Design Studio, it is constructed from 100% post-consumer recycled carpet. After being cut and shredded, glass fibers are processed into the mix for durability and then the ingredients are turned into tiny pellets. The finished pellets can be molded into shapes, like the bike frame.

In addition to a smart recycling process it also has a multifaceted design. Back in my riding days getting a recycled bike usually meant receiving someone’s hand-me-down, but this one is intended to adjust with a child’s growth and development.

It can transform from a tricycle into a bicycle, and then to a larger bike for older riders.

Surprisingly made from carpet Carpet Gets Off The Floor

This bicycle design not only polishes kids’ riding skills, it also teaches a concrete lesson about what recycling can make possible.

Carpet Gets Off The Floor

Above images are via Wishbone Design Studio.

Another idea for utilizing recycled carpet fibers and forming them in a mold surfaced a couple of years back and can be seen in a luggage frame by designer Daniel McLaughlin.

Carpet Gets Off The Floor

After researching the possibilities of reprocessed carpets and biowool applications, he was able to develop a hard shell that can be molded into a luggage case.

Carpet Gets Off The Floor Carpet Gets Off The Floor Carpet Gets Off The Floor

The award winning concept design brought attention to a wide range of possibilities using waste materials.

Carpet Gets Off The Floor

Above images are via Daniel McLaughlin.

Inspired to create your own recycled carpet masterpiece?

These upcycled carpet ideas from ZeroLandfill Boise are creative and functional DIY projects. For instance, the pendant lamp, suspended bookshelf and “Ruf Rak” are practical ways to reuse carpet pieces and samples.

Carpet Gets Off The Floor Carpet Gets Off The Floor Carpet Gets Off The Floor

Project images above are via ZeroLandfill Boise.

Check out the Carpet America Recovery Effort for more information about post-consumer carpet recycling.

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