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It’s a Green Christmas

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, green decor is essential to sustainability. This season we hope to inspire you with a few eco-friendly DIY options that are available and committed to creating a healthy home for your family and the planet.

Dried Rinds: Drying slices of fruit for garlands adds a natural feel to your holiday décor along with aroma of the holidays. The slices of fruit are layered on paper towels and dusted with salt. The salt helps dry the fruit more quickly and furthers the preservation process

Apple Cinnamon Ornaments: These are plenty of fun for the wee ones. In a large bowl, place one jar of apples sauce to a few containers of cinnamon. Stir till it creates a mud like texture. Use seasonal cookie cutters to make shapes and do not forget to make a whole are the top to place ribbon through to hang on the tree. Let dry for a few days. They will harden and your entire home will smell like apple pie is baking in the oven all throughout the season.

Flannels: Old flannel shirts make amazing seasonal stockings. Use the material to make stockings or use it for lettering on already constructed stocking. Using two or three different plaid patterns can create a unique look.

LED Lights: Switch over to LED lights and recycle your strands of Christmas lights. Many companies have recycling programs. Some companies, such as HolidayLEDS.com, offer coupons for 25 percent off new LED lights. LED lights last years longer than traditional lights which replace the expense of having to replace old lights almost yearly. LED’s will also save you money on your electricity bill allowing you to spent more money on your loved ones.

Check your holiday decorations list twice this year, and put the planet first whenever you can.


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