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A Cheap Alternative to Light Bulbs

During the morning and afternoon hours we’re blessed with sunlight to guide us through our daily activities.

But our activities don’t end just because the sun sets. This is when the greatest use of light bulbs starts and we incur a good portion of our electricity costs.

Compact fluorescent lights greatly lower the overall cost. Though they initially cost more, about $6 as compared to $1 for incandescent, after 17 months they end up saving $3.64 a year.

They also last about 13 times longer. Candles are another great way to reduce use of light bulbs. Now used mostly for aromatic qualities or to create a mood, candles once were a necessity for people of all levels of affluence.

But are they cheaper? Usually. It depends on what they are needed for.  Do you want to illuminate an entire room? It would probably take five to ten candles efficiently light a standard room.

Just need enough candles for light reading or to navigate the area free of clumsiness? One or two candles should be enough for this. When burning candles it is better to use larger quantities of small candles than one or two large candles. This is because smaller candles with tinier wicks have a longer burn rate per ounce of wax. Larger candles consume wax faster.

Also make sure to burn candles in a jar. Many candles already come in jars. Those that don’t can be placed in an empty jar. Jars are safer and retain wax so it can harden and be used again.

You can also save old wax to make new candles. Do this by melting all the old wax together and pouring it into a jar with a wick. If the old wax is ‘plain’, you can add your own scent from oil or extracts.

Sources: candletech.com

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